Yari - The Japanese spear
Yari is a spear type. Unlike the naginata (Naginata is a spear with the blade katana), the eyes of the spear is made straight. Straight form is effective to use stab enemies that come from the front. Usually used for men mengahadang rate enemy troops. This weapon diapakai By Madarame Ikaku the manga series Bleach.
Yari 2- The Japanese spear

Yari 3- The Japanese spear

Yari 5- The Japanese spear

Yari 6- The Japanese spear
Yari is believed that the Yari originated from the Traditional Chinese spear. However, the Yari did not become popular until the Mongol invasion. Previous to this event, fighting in Japan was very formalized and more like duels than battles. However, the invasion of the Mongols changed this style of warfare

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