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Japan culture center - This massive Japanese sword is an outstanding example of the odachi. The odachi was used on early Japanese battlefields, but its size soon relegated it to use as an army's standard or as an offering to the gods. Stretching 69" long with a heat-forged 45" carbon steel blade. The leather wrapped hardwood handle offers a 4" diameter blackened steel guard. The wood scabbard is painted dark brown with a high gloss finish. This is a superb item, and one you'll definitely want to add to your collection!

Japanese Nodachi Sword
Please Click Here to buy Japanese Nodachi Sword

Japan culture center - This is an example of the Japanese nodachi (field sword). The nodachi was carried by foot soldiers as a weapon against cavalry, and could only be used in the open and not while inside or in close ranks due to its length. It enjoyed greater cutting capability and range than a katana due to its size and weight, but was far more difficult to wield. Measuring 65 1/2" overall, this nodachi-style sword features a cord wrapped hilt that is longer than a katana hilt to allow for two-handed wielding. 

This item also offers a 49" stainless steel heat tempered blade with a heavy blood groove down its length and includes a wooden sheath with cord wrap. This will be an excellent addition to your Japanese sword collection!

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